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Some half-finished projects and dreams; since i never finish anything, let’s publish the drafts. 

Three ways to make a telecentric objective – November 2021

Meanwhile I’ve done quite a lot of microscope hacks, publish as soon as get some motivation.

Micro fisheye project page – November 2020

Half projects

Profile projector – Optical comparator DIY

Telecentric Home Here the assembly that prompted the whole Telecentric series of posts. A Profile Projector is made by adding a Telecentric back illumination to a telecentric imaging objective. They don’t need to be identical, but helps. Best if they work at the same aperture. In the setup below, I’m using as imaging the objective…

Telecentric microscope objectives

Telecentric Home Long-awaited update. Telecentric with high magnification and (relatively) high NA. Microscope objectives usually are NOT telecentric, and I also doubt that they normally have an aperture stop! If you don’t believe: Kurt Wirz informs us that some are telecentric (“toolmaker” microscopes). But rare. Also Mitutoyo sells some microscope telecentric objectives. But…

Catadioptric telecentric on-axis

Telecentric Home Here some brand-new ideas for designs of telecentric objectives. Online publishing date 10 Februar 2022. All content developed and designed by yours dearly December 2021. The idea of a catadioptric telecentric comes from the Opto-E “Core Plus”, described in Patents IT2017000271W or EP3519875A1. A catadioptric design can have several advantages against pure refractives,…

Posts list

Raynox 250 Add-on lens

Telecentric Home Telecentric add-on with a a specifically designed add-on lens. The Raynox 250 was kindly loaned from Torbjørn Rasch Pettersen The add-on lens in question is a nice triplet sold as macro add-on, to be mounted in front of zoom lenses. The manufacturer claim low aberration and nice control of the astigmatism; we’re going…

Christmas wrap

2021 nearing an end, better wrap up all data collected before I’ll forget what is what. Yours dearly 22 December 2021. What worked best? Depends on magnification. Fixed the magnification, the best objective is the one with the largest Etendue. f you’re curious about what is this Etendue, see this beautiful paper by Gross and…

Test 6 – Small sensor 1

Telecentric Home In all previous tests, the sensor used was an APS-C with about 27mm diagonal. That is a Large sensor (at least, the largest in my house). Now, some testing with a smaller sensor, as those common in phone, webcams, industrial cameras. The small sensor of course will be inferior in many respects: resolution,…

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